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 Post subject: Imhotep Bedini SSG
PostPosted: Wed May 19, 2010 5:51 am 

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Imhotep Bedini SSG:

File comment: Which fan is this? In experimenting we wish to duplicate this work EXACTLY. Googled website: This is a Jamicon rotary DC Fan. Is it the "KF", or "JF" series? What is the DC Fan Part #?
Jamicon Rotary DC Fan Question.jpg
Jamicon Rotary DC Fan Question.jpg [ 75.69 KiB | Viewed 886 times ]
File comment: What is the ohmic value & wattage of the variable resistor connected to base of 2N3055?
Is the rotary fan schematic here the Jamicon rotary DC fan in the "step by step" free energy video?

Bedini Fan Project Circuit_Question.jpg
Bedini Fan Project Circuit_Question.jpg [ 105.29 KiB | Viewed 888 times ]
File comment: For Imhoptep's Radiant Oscillator: (see diagramme)
Can the Radio Shack #275-001 Relay be replaced with a 'real' Bosch relay? If so, what is the Part Number of this 'real' Bosch relay? Can we then use the blued out '87a' in place of running a blue wire as the video described? Would the Radio Shack #23-9080 12V, 1.3AH Sealed Lead Acid batteries be equivalent to those pictured in the video? Would the 120 volt Neon Lamp assembly: either RS#272-712 or 272-710 be acceptable fo use here? Use a 1N4007 Diode? Where would the On/Off switch be placed? All circuit diagrammes should be as clearly drawn as this, would be glad to help, have training in tech dwng & illustration. Felis Catus, acolyte of Bastet-Egyptian Goddess Of Cats.

Imhotep Question.jpg
Imhotep Question.jpg [ 256.88 KiB | Viewed 892 times ]
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 Post subject: Re: Imhotep Bedini SSG
PostPosted: Wed May 19, 2010 10:53 am 

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Welcome to the group.

You are just about to embark on experimenting with science suppressed for almost 100 years. Within a short time you will be able to bring back to life dead batteries, recharge non rechargeable batteries, light broken compact florescent bulbs and with only one wire. You will also be able, with the fan, to prove the concept of getting more out than you put in. Sounds impossible? build it and ill tell you how to do it.

Pull the fan apart and check to see if there are four wires going to the coils from three posts. if it is then it is bifilar wound and can be used. To be honest I don't know what the designations mean, every fan I have pulled apart I have been able to use.

I use a 150 ohm wire wound pot because I find the ordinary pots burn out rapidly. A 500 or 1000 ohm would be OK but its easier to get the sweet spot with the 150.

Yes the schematic works for all fans.

Yes use the 87a contact. The relay does not have to be Bosch, the ones I use are Chinese automotive relays and they work fine.

I would not recommend using sealed batteries other than attempts to recover them, Get cheap lead acid motorcycle batteries (see working with Batteries). I would recommend at least 7Ah otherwise you will be working them too hard.

Almost any small neon will work fine on the IRO once you remove the resistor, actually the neon is not needed. The Imhotep fan uses the neon to protect the transistor in case of an accidental disconnection from the charging battery. Again it is not needed if you take care to make sure all contacts are secure but it can be useful to see the radiant while tuning. When the charging battery is connected the neon will not light up.

The 1N4007 is very common and available at any electronics shop or just pull them out of some old electronic equipment.

Just place the switch in the positive from the source.
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