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 Post subject: Re: Diagram Questions
PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2009 5:42 am 

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JustAnElectrician wrote:
PLUS, and this is even BIGGER, you can parallel 2 to 4 CHARGE BATTS and they will all charge, (conditioned is best) so you get a higher charge rate for basically FREE.
Getting there will have you pretty much caught up to me, Maui!
I'm conditioning 7-8 sets of NiMH's now, the 8th batt is kinda funky,
I might need a new one or just run 7 batts... or run 2 drive
and 4 charge, that is likely the way I will go. JB gets OU like
ALL THE TIME with "conditioned batts" and these DO WORK
on normal loads all the time! Normal Discharge is fine
for this type of arrangement, just use your Radiant Charging ;)
So running a 24v source is more efficient?.. What is the limit of the source and charge voltages and amperages for this specific circuit? Would it be better to wire source batteries is series or parallel (ie, 2 series source batts and 4 parallel charge batts)? Also how does the amp rating of the relay affect performance? What about using a solid state switch like
Conditioning takes time, and a regular Bedini rotary device
has to condition batteries to get the results too, in fact,
IMO the relay charger (in Solid State) is likely a better,
more efficient unit for doing this work. Still working on it tho!

I am studying to build my first unit and am thinking i will use this to greatly reduce my energy consumption in the production of usable light. My initial desire is to use various sized t5 fluorescent tubes (some can put out nearly 100 lm per "watt" conventioanaly) to replace all lighting applications in my home (although the newer t2 tubes are interesting). I would like to ask if anyone has experience with more than cfl (which i have plenty of) or t12 tubes and what would be the difference in light brightness of a HO tube versus a standard tube on this kind of circuit?
Also, before discovering the bedini/imhotep info i was planning to covert all the electronic lighting in my house to custom-built LED arrays. Has anyone on this board or those you frequent used LEDs as a light source within this ROC or the fan setup? I came upon Imhotep's Lab and this forum through the evgray yahoo group. I'm usually just a lurker, but i'm ready to actually make something significant (simple as it may seem) with my own hands. I've recently found a job after almost a year unemployment and feel i've wasted so much time (though i did finally get a nice greenhouse built.)
I also would like to see a database begin that helps catalog common useful recyclables (such as lists of common tech-items being trashed that likely contain parts of good re-application potential in these kinds of "energy developments", ie old microwaves have lots of useful electro-gadgetry.) I don't know what i could do to help realize that vision, but whatever my part may be i'm ready to be doing it!

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 Post subject: Re: Diagram Questions
PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2009 9:39 pm 
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WOW! What in Intro!
These relays actually run at very low currents, and get high voltage outputs. The smallest
perfectswitch products I saw were 100 amps, way overkill for even an upscaled IRO because
low current is by design, use the volts and cut the circuit before the current rise.
I'd check into cheaper solid state relays, or build a solid state MOSFET triggered circuit,
that is what I am planning next.

I have recycled 2 microwaves, a laptop, monitor, TV, several cell phones (batteries!!!) and
loads of other stuff, nearly all our modern stuff has good parts in there for re-use, I have
at least $1000 worth of components for not so much work or time invested! I can charge
ANY BATTERY STYLE, bar none. I am building a battery bank and will get an inverter...


...just an electrician... since 1985!

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